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My Experience

Holding the position as photo editor at Blush Magazine has taught me so much by gaining an insight into the world of fashion photography. Shooting my first ever magazine cover and not one, but two fashion editorials was a proud achievement to accomplish. The To The Max editorial was exciting to shoot, not only because the model, Annie (@fanniepack), was splendid but because the extremely fashionable clothes (made by Dope Tavio) I got to try on behind the scenes was super amusing as well. In addition, on the minimalism side of the magazine, Genderless Fashion was another editorial I shot which expressed the idea that fashion shouldn’t require a gender. I wanted to photograph this editorial because I strongly believe in people dressing the way they want, it’s 2019… level up or get out!

I am extremely proud of Blush Magazine’s newest issue for spring 2019, Minimalism X Maximalism, because we, as a team, made it all happen. Nothing is more important than a team who can communicate clearly and respectfully, the team we have assembled this year is phenomenal.

Minimalism X Maximalism

By definition, minimalism is a thing in its simplest form. In contradiction, maximalism is a thing of excessiveness and extreme. Editor-in-Chief, Nicole Plonski, was the force behind the theme, and Blush’s first double-sided cover, ever.

With a double-sided magazine comes greater innovation and creativity. In this issue, the articles cover beauty, fashion, and culture topics related to the themes of minimalism and maximalism, alongside striking imagery created by photographers, artists and fashion designers of The Fashion Institute of Technology.

Maximalism Cover by Mauricio Zelaya.

Maximalism x Mauricio Zelaya

by Tevin Consiglio

Meet the Team:

EIC @nicoleoplonski
Creative Director @emilypkelly 
Art Director @jenna_solomon 
Fashion Director @tevinconsiglio 
Photo Director @tina_dirosa
Photo Editor @ctrl.maury
PR Director @bellahurtado_
Managing Editor @_ashleychon_